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Are Agnostics Just Atheists Light?
January 7, 2022.
In Search of The Elusive Liberal Evangelicals. November 9, 2021
Orthodox Christians Are More Republican Today than Twelve Years Ago. Why? August 4, 2021
Are Christian Conservatives Different from Secular Conservatives? July 26, 2021.
Generation Z and Religion – The Most Recent Data. July 19, 2021.
The Death of the Episcopal Church is Near. July 6, 2021.
The 2020 Vote for President by Religious Groups – The Nones. April 6, 2021.
The 2020 Vote for President by Religious Groups – Other Faith. March 31, 2021
The 2020 Vote for President by Religious Groups – Christians. March 29, 2021.
Do Women Leave the Southern Baptist Convention More Than Men? March 23, 2021
What’s Up With Born-Again Muslims? And What Does That Tells Us About American Religion? March 2, 2021
Exvangelicals – A Note on Size and Sources. March 1, 2021
Does the American Public Think There Are More Than Two Genders. February 26, 2021
Falling Through the Cracks: Dealing with the Problem of the ‘Unclassifieds’ in RELTRAD. February 7, 2021.
If Trump Started the Patriot Party, Which Religious Groups Would Abandon the GOP? February 3, 2021.
Does Church Attendance Help to Reduce Perceptions of Polarization? Not Among White Conservatives. January 18, 2021
Should Photographers Have to Work for LGBT Clients? Are Attitudes about Religion or Prejudice? January 14, 2021
Who Are Trump’s Most Ardent Supporters? January 13, 2021
Who Are Black Catholics And How Do They Vote? January 4, 2021.
Year in Review – 2020. December 30, 2020.
Partisanship Rules Everything – Abortion in 2020. December 16, 2020
So, Why is Evangelicalism Not Declining? Because Non-Attenders Are Taking On the Label. December 10, 2020
The Evangelical Brand is Not as Tarnished As Most People Think. December 7, 2020.
The Data is Clear – Episcopalians Are in Trouble. November 23, 2020
The Nones may be the Reason that Joe Biden is the President Elect. November 20, 2020.
Church Defiance to Covid-19 Restrictions is Growing. November 17, 2020.
Do Evangelicals Think that Hillary Clinton Would Have Handled COVID Better Than Trump? November 9, 2020.
A Conspiracy at the Heart of It: Religion and Q. November 6, 2020.
How Will the LDS Vote Shift in 2020? October 26, 2020.
Finding the Missing Atheists. October 12, 2020.
The Decline of Religion Continues – Nones Gain 3 Percent in One Year. October 7, 2020
The Prosperity Gospel of Coronavirus Response. September 24, 2020
How Does Someone Change After Becoming Born-Again? September 3, 2020
For White Evangelical Republicans, Approval of Trump is About Immigration more than Abortion. August 26, 2020
Are Politically Conservative Atheists Different from Politically Conservative Evangelicals? August 3, 2020
How Will the Nones Vote in 2020? July 15, 2020
Are People Changing Religion in the Pandemic? July 7, 2020
Homosexual Rights vs Homosexual Relations July 1, 2020
Leaving Religion Does Not Mean Leaving Society June 17, 2020
Are Women More Supportive of Churches Defying the Government Over COVID-19? June 15, 2020
One in Five Americans Believe that a Democrat will Ban the Bible June 2, 2020
Could Democrats Win Over Mormon Votes? Here’s Where They Diverge from Evangelicals. May 26, 2020.
Can You Be An Evangelical and Never Go to Church? May 18, 2020.
2_04_46_27_twitter-_1_H@@IGHT_394_W@@IDTH_700Do Republican Members of Congress Tweet About God More? May 15, 2020
nullTrump The Anointed? May 11, 2020
merlin_151498749_7d9a7f57-1be1-4b41-910a-579861672ff5-superjumboWhat is an evangelical? May 7, 2020
nullOlder Nones Are Growing Larger, But Not More Republican April 27, 2020
LivE-free-and-dieAre Evangelicals Obedient to Trump? April 21, 2020
Atheism-GettyImages-162016410-copy-550-x-358Atheists are the Most Politically Active Group in the United States April 13, 2020
samaritanspurse02_hdvShould Religious Groups Take Government Funds? What Do People Think They are Good At? April 6, 2020
nullDoes Religion Impact What People Are Afraid Of? March 18, 2020
nullHow Many Nones Are There? Maybe More than We Thought March 9, 2020
nullAre There Cracks in the GOP-Evangelical Alliance? February 24, 2020
nullThe Decline of Religion May Be Slowing February 10, 2020
f95d88be-cd2a-4be6-8bae-019828467b04-RectThumb_IowaThe Religious Composition of the Iowa Electorate February 3, 2020
nullHow Did We Get Here? Visualizing How White Evangelicals Became the Party of Trump January 16, 2020
20160227_usp003_0The Religious Left is Small But Loud January 9, 2020
threepoint_dumbs_bunch_v2Which Group Represents the Political Views of the Average American- Nones or White Evangelicals? January 6, 2019
nullJust How Far Are White Evangelicals Out of the Mainstream? A Case Study of Immigration and Abortion December 26, 2019
nullChristianity Today Gone Viral December 20, 2019
nullWhat Turned the Tide on Gay Marriage? December 17, 2019
nullThere Aren’t As Many 100% Anti-Abortion People as You Might Think December 5, 2019
Anointed-One_KOWWas Donald Trump Anointed by God? Are All Presidents Anointed by God? November 25, 2019
nullHow Big is the God Gap? November 11, 2019
nullAmerican Religion in 2030 October 24, 2019
nullDoes Religion Eliminate the Gender Gap? September 30, 2019
nullAre Mainline Protestants Democrats? September 10, 2019
nullWhat is the Life Cycle Effect? Does it Appear in the Data? September 4, 2019
pid3_young_evangWhy Young Evangelicals Aren’t Likely to Leave the Republican Party September 3, 2019
nullDid Evangelicals Become Politically Extreme or Was it the Nones? August 27, 2019
nullNew Religious Group is Skyrocketing: The Unclassifieds July 24, 2019
nullThe Curious Case of Born-Again Catholics July 18, 2019
nullIs the Rise of the Nones Going to Usher in a Permanent Democrat Majority? July 16, 2019
nullGrowth and Decline in American Religion over the Last Decade July 9, 2019
5fecf3296339706c7f8ee5a359faebad60568dd8_atthepulpittofwheaderDo Women Preach Differently Than Men? June 26, 2019
2019-06-23What is a Black Protestant? Why Are They Their Own Category? June 24, 2019
nullReligion and the Vote in the 2018 Midterms June 13, 2019
nullWhich Party Has Become More Polarized on Abortion? June 10, 2019
nullPeople Really Don’t Like Atheists. Why? May 29, 2019
nullIf an Atheist Were to Get Elected, How Would That Happen? May 22, 2019
nullThe Nones Aren’t As Politically Diverse As You Would Think May 15, 2019
nullAre All Republicans Biblical Literalists? Are All Democrats Heretics? May 7, 2019
nullThe Religious Composition of the Two Major Parties April 24, 2019
nullAsymmetric Polarization is Occurring in American Religion April 9, 2019
6a00d8341c730253ef00e54f2412aa8834-640wiCan You Be Gay and Be an Evangelical? March 18, 2019
immigrants-are-all-gods-children-christian-immigration-protestDoes Trump’s Crackdown on Immigration Hurt American Religion? March 5, 2019
nullHow Republican Are Evangelicals? It Depends on the State February 26, 2019
thumbRNS-METHODIST-LGBT050316United Methodists and Gay Marriage February 20, 2019
pope-francis-trumpHas Donald Trump Pushed Catholics to the Left? February 12, 2019
cross-GOPIs ‘White Born-Again Christian’ Just a Synonym for ‘Republican’? February 5, 2019
gettyimages_1052062882Did Evangelicals Become More Moderate in 2018? January 28, 2019
contrastAre There Pro-Life Atheists? Or Pro-Life Liberals? January 23, 2019
ted-cruz-donald-trump-gettyimages-505043546Was Ted Cruz the Favorite in the Republican Primary Among Church Going Evangelicals? January 21, 2019
US-POLITICS-ELECTION-DEMOCRATClinton Didn’t Have a Religion Problem, She Had an Everyone Problem January 14, 2019
nullReligious and Political Conflict at the State Level January 7, 2019
17518034_6d9144cd43_bRIP Year in Review, 2018 January 2, 2019
religions[1]Religion and/or Republicanism – What Drives LGB Identifiers Out of State? December 22, 2018
environmental-banner-v1-2Mormons and the Environment December 19, 2018
2015-01-06T101900Z_445121593_GM1EB161EBK01_RTRMADP_3_USA-FLORIDA-GAYMARRIAGEReligion and Support for Gay Marriage December 11, 2018
Untitled1Let’s Talk about Young Evangelicals and the Environment November 27, 2018
ct-donald-trump-evangelical-women-20161016-375x250Are White College Educated Female Evangelicals to Blame for the GOP’s Success? November 15, 2018
trump-tweet-main_article_imageHave Prominent Evangelicals Seen Growth in their Twitter Followers? November 1, 2018
DZVBn-EU8AE1kZwThe Evangelical-Republican State Dance, 2000-2016 October 17, 2018
1537051591-NM_14beto10Does Beto Have a Chance with White Evangelicals? October 10, 2018
nullThe Illiberal Liberalism of Religious Trump Voters October 9, 2018
Retired Evangelicals Care A Lot about Immigration, Less about Gay Marriage September 10, 2018
Have People Abandoned Religion to Devote More Time to Politics? Not At All. August 21, 2018
9d65fa8b939878ba714a265718ce-should-people-in-the-us-pass-a-political-knowledge-test-before-votingDo Religious People Know More About Politics? August 15, 2018
gettyimages-842236760Young Evangelicals are as Republican as Their Grandparents July 18, 2018 is a Mainline Protestant? June 28, 2018
151203-ny-daily-news-cover-jpo-440a_6fe5537b92e70148a37fd6e6e94afcd3Thoughts and Prayers Has Become a Loaded Term June 7, 2018
image1-17-700x470Do Evangelicals Still Love the GOP? It Depends on Skin Color May 29, 2018
jesus-the-original-liberalSearching for the Religious Left May 24, 2018
EvangelicalDo You Have to Be Protestant to Be Born-Again? May 7, 2018
downloadAre People Leaving the Church? April 30, 2018
image.adapt.990.high.latino_evan007_prayer.1401823351181Are Hispanics Changing the Face of Evangelical Politics? March 27, 2018
FullPewsWhat Causes People to Attend More Frequently? (The Answer is Not Becoming Born Again). March 19, 2018
non-denominational-church-1080x532Nondenominational Protestants are Basically Southern Baptists (With a Few Caveats). March 7, 2018
reltrad_long_gss_repelEvangelicals are Holding Steady, Mainliners are Declining Rapidly, Nones are on the Rise March 2, 2018
gods_childrenThe Religious Response to DACA’s End February 21, 2018
The Chuech Historically TracedProtestantism Seems Calm on the Surface, but Denominational Switching is Rampant February 20, 2018 2018.02.17 19-28-34Russian Twitter Trolls Are Not Particularly Religious. February 19, 2018
20141213_blp502I Want To Thank God for Allowing My Team to Win: An Analysis of Sports and Christianity February 12, 2018
3bar_flow_largeThe American Religious Landscape is Volatile. February 6, 2018
The Graying of White Evangelicalism January 29, 2018
Catholics Look Like America and America Looks Like Catholics January 23, 2018
Merry Holidays! How Do Twitter Users Celebrate the Season?  January 3, 2018
SignOfTheFishTwitter-580x344Here’s What Happens When Twitter Starts Talking About Evangelicals.  December 19, 2017
nullDo we have any idea who evangelicals are? December 14, 2017.
prosperity-gosle-preachesDo Americans Believe in the Prosperity Gospel? Here’s What the Data Says. November 21, 2017.
web3-three-girl-3-woman-young-church-back-pew-jeffrey-brunoYou want young people to stay in church? Encourage them to go to college, get married, and have kids. November 13, 2017.
74256How Does Being White Shape Evangelicals Voting Habits? November 6, 2017.
src.adapt.480.low.brandon_mccauley_hpAre Millennial Evangelicals Going to Change the Narrative? October 30, 2017.
43991-willow-creek-facebook.800w.tnWho’s Afraid of Female Clergy October 25, 2017.
When You Ask People to Describe their Religion, Bad Things Happen October 11, 2017.
We the people protest splash FaireyAmerican Muslims: The Core of the Democratic Party? October 9, 2017.
evangelical_misclass.pngMisclassification of Religious Traditions is Systematic. October 3, 2017.
Best-of-New-EnglandIs a Mainliner the same as a Non-Born Again Protestant? October 2, 2017.
immigration-signs_onlineathens_130118-articleOnly A Third of White Evangelicals Support DACA, but It’s Not Really about Religion. September 22, 2017.
185 ad 2 (Almost) No One in the United States Believes in a Consistent Ethic of Life. September 13, 2017.
GSS & CCES - evangelical (line) No, Evangelicals Are Not on Their Deathbed. September 11, 2017.
homeless-jesus Does Social Conservatism Go Hand in Hand with Economic Conservatism (for Evangelicals)? August 10, 2017.
 Do Educated People Abandon Religion? There’s No Evidence in the Data. July 21, 2017.
 Are All Nones the Same? Exploring the Political Differences Between Atheists and Agnostics. June 8, 2017.
 What are the Divisions in America’s Religious Traditions?. June 1, 2017.
 How Has Partisanship and Theology Shifted in America’s Religious Traditions?. May 22, 2017.
  Changing Views of the Bible Point to Polarization. May 19, 2017.
  44 Years of Religion and Politics in One Graph. May 11, 2017.
  What is an Evangelical? Here’s what Twitter Says.. May 8, 2017.
 abcusa-logo1 The ABCUSA – A Denomination Fractured Along Political Lines. April 13, 2017.
 flag_waving_woman Bud was Right: “Measurement error is sin.” March 22, 2017.
 2016-03-10-niles-b Not All Evangelicals Voted For Trump – Who Are They? March 15, 2017.
 Screen-shot-2012-03-06-at-4.37.11-PM The 2016 Religious Vote (for more groups than you thought possible). March 10, 2017.
 main-qimg-e406afa693312c92cd649f015b7f15b5-c Can an Algorithm Correctly Classify Evangelicals? Most of the time, yes. February 28, 2017.

How Do Presidents Handle Prayer Breakfasts? Obama Talked A Lot. February 10, 2017.

 3216987891_3287152eeb_zTrump and Religious Diversity. February 1, 2017.
 16187316688_4958c85f78_z The Trend in Abortion Opinion. January 28, 2017.
 3769142257_eee439f4c0_o Trump and the Prosperity Gospel. January 26, 2017.


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