Protestantism Seems Calm on the Surface, but Denominational Switching is Rampant

Featured Image Credit: Debunking Christianity

by Ryan P. Burge, Eastern Illinois University

In a prior article I noted that there was a tremendous amount of switching occurring in the religious landscape of the United States. I focused primarily on the religious nones – those who say that they are “nothing in particular” or agnostic when asked about their religious affiliation. But what about those who claim a Christian tradition? Using the same data as before – the three wave Cooperative Congressional Election Study which surveyed the same individuals in 2010, 2012, and 2014 I want to take to look deeper deep dive into how Catholics and Protestants are shifting in a four-year period of time. Recent headlines are touting the rising of the “nones” and academics have long wondered when the United States is going to follow the secularizing trend found in most of Europe. But are Americans abandoning the pillars of American Christianity?

Check out the full article on Christianity Today


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