Ted Jelen – in memoriam (and some resources)

A group of us (Clyde Wilcox, Ken Wald, Mark Rozell, Laura Olson, and I) just eulogized Ted Jelen last week at APSA 2018 in Boston in a session arranged by Liz Oldmixon. There were several generations there and, in some ways, it felt like a celebration of the religion and politics field given how Ted worked hard at almost every facet of the field. I wish you could have been there to hear the range of comments about Ted’s enduring influence on our work.

Because Ted was a self-described tech luddite and didn’t maintain a public google scholar page, we thought it would be a good idea to share a few photos and a (very full) CV. You can also read the In Memoriam piece that Clyde and I wrote that just appeared in the July 2018 PS.

jelen_pointing Ted’s CV
ted_depauw In_Memoriam from PS (by Clyde Wilcox and I)

There is also a religion and politics section award given by the editor(s) to the best paper published in the section journal Politics and Religion for each volume. The award honors Ted’s legacy as the inaugural co-editor (with Sabrina Ramet). The first award was announced here. And below is a list of the award winners thus far.

2016 Gershon, Sarah Allen, Adrian D. Pantoja, and J. Benjamin Taylor. 2016. “God in the Barrio?: The Determinants of Religiosity and Civic Engagement among Latinos in the United States.” Politics & Religion 9(1): 84-110.
2017 Zic, Borjan. 2017. “The Political Impact of Displacement: Wartime IDPs, Religiosity, and Post-War Politics in Bosnia.” Politics & Religion 10(4): 862-866.


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