New Oxford Research Encyclopedia Articles Up!

By Paul A. Djupe

As coeditor-in-chief with Mark Rozell (George Mason University) and the late Ted Jelen (UNLV), we assembled a great team of associate editors and recruited over 100 authors from across the world to write over 100 articles representing the major lines of inquiry in religion and politics. To date, 24 articles have appeared online and the pace of posting should continue. At any point you can use this link to see what articles have appeared online.

After reading at least half of them, there is no doubt in my mind that this represents the most comprehensive depiction of scholarship to date in religion and politics (authors went to pains to be interdisciplinary). This tremendous resource should serve to fuel innovation in the field as there is no excuse for reinventing the wheel – getting up to speed in a research area should prove far less daunting given this collection.

Electoral Choice and Religion: United States. By Jeremiah J. Castle (FREE)

Gender and Religiosity in the United States. By Mirya R. Holman and Erica Podrazik (FREE)

Authority, Authoritarianism, and Religion. By Ryan P. Burge

Catholic Church Advocacy and the Affordable Care Act. By Jeanine Kraybill

Catholic Church Advocacy in Latin America. By Christopher W. Hale

The Catholic Hierarchy’s Political Role: A Structural Analysis. By Timothy A. Byrnes

Civil War and Religion: Salafi-Jihadist Groups. By Emil Aslan Souleimanov

Civil War and Religion: Turkey. By Gülay Türkmen

Electoral Choice and Religion: An Overview. By Christopher D. Raymond

Government Legitimacy and Religion. By Michael Hoffman

Liberalism and Religion. By Sonia Sikka

Non-Governmental Organizations: Bread for the World, Inc. By Erica Ashbaugh and Gary A. Goreham

Peacebuilding in Sierra Leone and Religious Mediation. By Lyn S. Graybill

The Political Opportunity Structure and Religion. By Luis Felipe Mantilla

Post-Conflict Processes and Religion: An Overview. By Nukhet Sandal

Public Opinion and Religion: Environmental Attitudes in the United States. By Jason M. Pudlo

Religious Frames: Falun Gong in China. By Junpeng Li

Religious Regulation in Muslim States. By Andrew Bramsen and Zoe Vermeer

Religious Regulation in Poland. By Ewa A. Golebiowska and Silviya Gancheva

Religious Regulation: The Regulation of All Religion in a Country. By Jonathan Fox

Secularism and Politics. By Jeremiah J. Castle and Patrick L. Schoettmer

Secularism and Religion. By Steven Kettell

Terrorism and Religion: An Overview. By Peter Henne

Terrorism and Religion: Christian Fundamentalism. By Douglas Pratt

We’ve been working with an outstanding team of associate editors, almost all of whom are also contributors to the project:

Gizem Arikan, Trinity College Dublin

Pazit Ben-Nun Bloom, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Taylor Boas, Boston University

Steven Kettell, University of Warwick

Amy Erica Smith, Iowa State University

Güneş Murat Tezcür, University of Central Florida

Paul A. Djupe, Denison University Political Science, is an affiliated scholar with PRRI, the series editor of Religious Engagement in Democratic Politics (Temple), and co-creator of (see his list of posts). Further information about his work can be found at his website and on Twitter.

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