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Why Young Evangelicals Aren’t Likely to Leave the Republican Party September 3, 2019.
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Religion and Sexism in the Trump Era, 2016-2018 July 1, 2019.
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Support for Women’s Equality Across Religious Groups Varies Considerably June 17, 2019.
The Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Politics & Religion is COMPLETE June 12, 2019.
What’s the Mystery? White Evangelicals Have More Racial Resentment June 6, 2019.
Does Evangelicalism Drive Racial Resentment? June 5, 2019.
Feelings toward Muslims Shred the Democratic Coalition April 16, 2019.
Why are Catholics Overrepresented in Congress? March 21, 2019.
After the Traditional Plan Passes What Could the UMC Look Like In a Few Years? February 27, 2019.
New Oxford Research Encyclopedia Articles Up! January 29, 2019.
Religious and Political Conflict at the State Level January 7, 2019.
Religion and/or Republicanism – What Drives LGB Identifiers Out of State? December 22, 2018.
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Social Requisites of Religious Freedom Worldwide. November 12, 2018.
Introducing: Oxford Encyclopedia of Politics & Religion. November 5, 2018.
[New Book] The Evangelical Crackup? The Future of the Evangelical-Republican Coalition. October 11, 2018.
The Illiberal Liberalism of Religious Trump Voters. October 9, 2018.
Ted Jelen – in memoriam (and some resources) September 6, 2018.
When Winning is Losing: How the Christian Right Undermined Religion in the US August 1, 2018.
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The 2016 Jewish Vote and the Culture Wars October 31, 2017.
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