Posts by Ryan P. Burge 2018.02.17 19-28-34 Russian Twitter Trolls Are Not Particularly Religious. February 19, 2018
20141213_blp502 I Want To Thank God for Allowing My Team to Win: An Analysis of Sports and Christianity February 12, 2018
3bar_flow_large The American Religious Landscape is Volatile. February 6, 2018
The Graying of White Evangelicalism January 29, 2018
Catholics Look Like America and America Looks Like Catholics January 23, 2018
Merry Holidays! How Do Twitter Users Celebrate the Season?  January 3, 2018
SignOfTheFishTwitter-580x344 Here’s What Happens When Twitter Starts Talking About Evangelicals.  December 19, 2017
null Do we have any idea who evangelicals are? December 14, 2017.
prosperity-gosle-preaches Do Americans Believe in the Prosperity Gospel? Here’s What the Data Says. November 21, 2017.
web3-three-girl-3-woman-young-church-back-pew-jeffrey-bruno You want young people to stay in church? Encourage them to go to college, get married, and have kids. November 13, 2017.
74256 How Does Being White Shape Evangelicals Voting Habits? November 6, 2017.
src.adapt.480.low.brandon_mccauley_hp Are Millennial Evangelicals Going to Change the Narrative? October 30, 2017. Who’s Afraid of Female Clergy October 25, 2017.
When You Ask People to Describe their Religion, Bad Things Happen October 11, 2017.
We the people protest splash Fairey American Muslims: The Core of the Democratic Party? October 9, 2017.
evangelical_misclass.png Misclassification of Religious Traditions is Systematic. October 3, 2017.
Best-of-New-England Is a Mainliner the same as a Non-Born Again Protestant? October 2, 2017.
immigration-signs_onlineathens_130118-article Only A Third of White Evangelicals Support DACA, but It’s Not Really about Religion. September 22, 2017.
185 ad 2  (Almost) No One in the United States Believes in a Consistent Ethic of Life. September 13, 2017.
GSS & CCES - evangelical (line)  No, Evangelicals Are Not on Their Deathbed. September 11, 2017.
homeless-jesus  Does Social Conservatism Go Hand in Hand with Economic Conservatism (for Evangelicals)? August 10, 2017.
 Do Educated People Abandon Religion? There’s No Evidence in the Data. July 21, 2017.
 Are All Nones the Same? Exploring the Political Differences Between Atheists and Agnostics. June 8, 2017.
 What are the Divisions in America’s Religious Traditions?. June 1, 2017.
 How Has Partisanship and Theology Shifted in America’s Religious Traditions?. May 22, 2017.
   Changing Views of the Bible Point to Polarization. May 19, 2017.
   44 Years of Religion and Politics in One Graph. May 11, 2017.
   What is an Evangelical? Here’s what Twitter Says.. May 8, 2017.
 abcusa-logo1  The ABCUSA – A Denomination Fractured Along Political Lines. April 13, 2017.
 flag_waving_woman  Bud was Right: “Measurement error is sin.” March 22, 2017.
 2016-03-10-niles-b  Not All Evangelicals Voted For Trump – Who Are They? March 15, 2017.
 Screen-shot-2012-03-06-at-4.37.11-PM  The 2016 Religious Vote (for more groups than you thought possible). March 10, 2017.
 main-qimg-e406afa693312c92cd649f015b7f15b5-c  Can an Algorithm Correctly Classify Evangelicals? Most of the time, yes. February 28, 2017.

How Do Presidents Handle Prayer Breakfasts? Obama Talked A Lot. February 10, 2017.

 3216987891_3287152eeb_z Trump and Religious Diversity. February 1, 2017.
 16187316688_4958c85f78_z  The Trend in Abortion Opinion. January 28, 2017.
 3769142257_eee439f4c0_o  Trump and the Prosperity Gospel. January 26, 2017.


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